Modify booting scrip for Gumstix Overo Tide COM

The Tide COM has no NAND built in. When I try to change environment parameter, such as rotate screen or change default display, it just won't work.

The solution is to create a boot command file, e.g. ubootenvcmd, and add it into a boot.scr.

Here is how I do it:

1) create a ubootenvcmd file by using gedit. The content is something like:

setenv ethaddr 00:00:00:FF:FF:FF
setenv mpurate 720
setenv vram 4M
setenv linuxmem 176M
setenv defaultdisplay lcd43
setenv dvimode 480x272MR-16@60
setenv mmcargs ${mmcargs} omapfb.rotate=1
setenv bootcmd 'mmc init; run loaduimage; run mmcboot'

2) install mkimage:
$ sudo apt-get install uboot-mkimage

3) create boot.scr file:
$ mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n "Overo boot script" -d ubootenvcmd boot.scr

ps. remember to put the ubootenvcmd file in current directory.

4) copy boot.scr to your FAT partition of your SD card.

Done :)

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