TRIAC and Opto TRIAC Driver Curcuit

Triac is designed to be suitable for general purpose AC switching. They can be used as an ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation, induction motor starting circuits... or for phase control operation in light dimmers, motor speed controllers,...

It's quite common to use Opto Triac driver to switch Triac.

In my project, I need to switch two heating elements on and off every half second. Each heating element is 1.5 kw. 

1500/230 = 6.5A

If I switch two heating element in the same time, the current consumption will be 6.5x2=13A.
The normal house power plug only provides 10A. Therefore, I have to swith one element each time.

Here is my parts list:

Triac: LITTELFUSE - Q6008L5,  Element14-1304759
Triac driver: FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR - MOC3022-M, Element14-1021366

PS: the middle leg of triac should not connec to live.
Here is the reason: the junction, or die, sometime is connected to A2.

In the meantime, need to calculate the area of heat sink which attaches on the triac.

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