Uninstall Security Tool 2010

One of my colleague installed "Security Tool 2010" on her personal pc (vista) by mistake.
I googled about this virus, found it's a very clever rogue.

During installation, Security Tool configures itself run automatically every time when you start an application. The rogue also uses this method of running to block the ability to run any programs, including security applications.

Immediately after launch, it will start to scan your computer and reports a lot of various infections that will not be fixed unless you first purchase the software. Important to know, all of these infections are a fake and do not actually exist on your computer. What is more, the rogue will also hijack Internet Explorer and Firefox and display fake warnings when you opening a web site.

As you can see, Security Tool is a scam and should be removed from your computer upon detection.
Do not be fooled into buying the program! It will steal your credit card account, and keep on billing you every month!!

Many website mentioned some methods to kill it. For example, delete files, which call "security tool',  from registration.  I have search the whole registration folders. I couldn't find any file called 'security tool'. Take a look the date of these posts. All of them were in 2009. Hmm, this smart rogue has been updated.

What I have done:
- Restarted pc, and went to safe mode (with network);
- Type 'run' in 'Start'. Then type 'msconfig' to open up 'system configuration' window;
- disabled ALL startup items;
- deleted all .exe (eg. 576544.exe )files in 'C:\users\AppData\Local
- download "Malwarebytes" or copy installation file from other pc.
- install it and do full scan.
- kill this bloody Security Tool;
- reboot pc;


To remove System Tool virus:

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